Outdoor Director Chair With Side Table

Best folding camping chairs with side table that are currently on the market, all very stable structures and with solid armrests.


• Obviously, all the chairs are with a side table and this is usually with a cup holder, but some of them also have either a cooler on the other side of the chair or an organizer with pockets.

• Regarding the materials, you have either an aluminum frame or steel. The fabric is normally synthetic and mesh, and some of the chairs have padding.

• Yet another common feature is that they have solid armrests, and this is why most of them are large in two dimensions when packed. But they become flat in such a state and you can store them in narrow spaces.

• You will see also that they all have bars combined with feet, or only bars, so you can use them even on a soft ground and they will not sink very much.

• Those are also chairs with a normal back support so you do not have headrests in these designs.

• Some of them are also with a cooler and with many other elements for storage.

• There are reclining chairs here as well.